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Juvenile Court

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Experience in Juvenile Court

When a juvenile finds him or herself in trouble with the law, there can be serious consequences. If you are looking for an attorney to represent a juvenile who is having a problem with the law, you should consider two things. First, you need to hire an experienced attorney who knows the Juvenile Act of Pennsylvania. Second, you need an attorney who has had significant court experience in the specific area of Juvenile Law. Attorney Ritter has served as an Assistant Public Defender in charge of defending juveniles in Lehigh County. He has also spent the years 2005-2009 as a Deputy District Attorney, where he supervised the prosecution of every juvenile case in Lehigh County, PA.

Juvenile Court has its own unique set of rules – it is not the same as adult criminal court. In order for a juvenile to have adequate representation in the Juvenile Court system, you need a seasoned attorney with significant experience in dealing with Police Departments, Juvenile Probation Departments, and the Masters and Judges who ultimately hear these cases. Attorney Ritter has served “in the trenches” of the Juvenile Court system for many years, on both the defense and prosecution sides. He would be glad to use his experience to review the rights and responsibilities of any juvenile case with you.

How We Can Help

Some of the Juvenile Court issues that Attorney Ritter can help with:

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