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FAQs 2018-06-06T07:58:21-05:00

What states are you licensed to practice in?

Attorney Ritter is licensed to practice law within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania only.

Do you practice in other counties outside of Lehigh County?

Yes. Although Lehigh County has been the principal county of his work for the past 20 years, Attorney Ritter would be glad to handle cases in other counties within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

If I pay money for you to handle my case, will Atty. Ritter handle my case, or will another attorney show up to handle my case?

At this time the office is a solo practice, and only one attorney, Attorney Ritter, will show up to handle every part of your case.

How much will it cost?

Each case is unique. Attorney Ritter will meet with you and discuss the case and get an understanding of what is involved. Only then can payment arrangements be discussed intelligently.

What sort of payment arrangements are acceptable?

Most methods, with the exception of credit cards, are acceptable. What needs to be clear is that Attorney Ritter cannot begin to represent you until the payment arrangements have been completed.

Are payment plans or financing acceptable?

No. As a solo practitioner, Attorney Ritter cannot be in the position of serving as a lender, nor as a collection agency.

What do the letters “LLC” behind your office name mean?

They stand for “Limited Liability Company,” which simply deals with keeping the assets of the law practice separate from personal assets.

What is the best way to contact you?

E-mail is a great way to get a quick response from Attorney Ritter.

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